Side Effects of Tongue Piercing

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Tongue puncture can cause side effects such as bacterial infection, heavy bleeding, nerve damage, tooth damage, keloids, allergic reactions and severe pain. A tongue piercing is cool, but it is also necessary to take adequate precautions to avoid the negative effects of tongue piercing.

A typical example is a study cited by the British Dental Journal in which a healthy 19-year-old girl collapsed after attending a party, and the cause was determined several hours before attending the collapsed party. Serious tongue perforation infection. In 2005, the “Telegraph” also cited an example where a teenager succumbed to septicemia after piercing his lips.

By understanding these six side effects, avoid this or worse, and take preventative measures in advance.

6 Side Effects of Tongue Puncture

1) Gum problems –

The dumbbell placed after the puncture causes gum problems due to repeated friction with the tongue or the inside of the tongue. In severe cases, the damage from surgery must be corrected.

2) Severe infection –

the tongue is one of the organs that bleed profusely after cutting. In addition, the mouth is full of bacteria, and if the puncture process is not performed carefully, it can cause serious infections and cause the area to swell. In some cases, surgery may need to be done.

3) Neuralgia –

The American Medical Association reported a case of stabbing a girl 30 times a day for 10 to 30 seconds. Meditation does not help. Finally, the doctor removed the metal nail from the pierced tongue, and within two days she was fine. This is a typical case of neuralgia, also known as “suicidal disease”.

During the puncture process, the nerves in the environment can rupture without either party needing to understand, which will then cause problems in similarly reported cases. Therefore, it is important to have experienced and knowledgeable people to perform the puncture to prevent neuralgia.

4) Paste –

If not properly installed, the barbell may slip on its own, wrap around the bronchus and get stuck in the intestines. If you’re lucky, you can flush the dumbbell with bowel movements, but as the medical case shows, you have to operate and remove the dumbbell.

5) The risk of HIV or hepatitis –

Any kind of human decoration must wear gloves and disinfection equipment. It is worth spending a cent to go to a well-known clinic for piercings. The use of non-sterilized equipment can cause HIV or hepatitis.

6) Oral cancer-

swelling of the tongue, speech disorders, deep cysts and nerve damage are some of the symptoms of oral cancer. Oral cancer can occur as a result of medicines, smoking and unsanitary puncture methods. In extreme cases, it can also develop into endocarditis. Endocarditis is a disease in which bacteria enter the bloodstream and the heart valves are damaged beyond repair.

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