Piercing Aftercare: How To Heal And Clean Your Piercings

Are you considering getting a piercing? It is a dedicated process that helps you enhance your style, but there are painful consequences that come along with it. After you get a piercing, there will be swelling, discharge, and sometimes irritation that could arise without proper cleaning or care. But are there ways to minimize this pain and speed up the healing process?

This article provides you with the necessary information to help you implement a safe and effective piercing cleaning process. We highlight the ideal cleaning process, the different types of cleaning products available, and provide a list of the market’s top solutions.


What to Expect After You Get a New Piercing

After you get a new piercing, you will experience normal swelling that will last between 3-5 days. Depending on the piercing severity, you may also experience slight bruising and bleeding. You will also feel pinching, aching, tightness, and other uncomfortable sensations for the first couple of days.

You might be wondering “how to take care of my piercing,” so here are a couple of helpful tips. You can facilitate the piercing healing process with an anti-inflammatory like Advil or ice. To further reduce the swelling, it would be best for you to sleep with the pierced body part elevated.


Things to Consider when Choosing Piercing Cleaning Products

It is essential to focus on piercing antibacterial aftercare products. These types of products prevent healing wounds from becoming infected and dirty. Antibacterial products attack germs that develop near the wound, which blocks further infection.

Antiseptic products have similar properties because they stop microorganisms from causing disease on your skin. As you shop the different antiseptic alternatives on the market, you should look for almond oil and tea tree oil ingredients.

Other aftercare products listed as “sterile” means that they are free of bacteria and microorganisms. Saline solutions that contain salt will also provide effective cleaning solutions, which will not irritate damaged skin.

Lastly, it would be best for you to avoid any products that contain alcohol. Not only is it wise to avoid ingesting alcohol for at least 48 hours after a piercing, but you should not apply it to your skin either. Alcohol ingestion causes dehydration, which can create uncomfortable inflammation and swelling.


How to Clean Your Piercing

So, you might be thinking: “Is there a method on how to clean my piercing”? New piercings should be consistently cleaned twice per day. It would be best for you to form a solid piercing cleaning routine for the entire healing process. It would help if you avoided over-cleaning to prevent irritation to your piercing.

Healing piercings typically discharge blood, blood plasma, lymph, and dead cells. Piercing cleaning plays a pivotal role in removing this discharge, as well as any bacteria or dirt. Proper cleaning is more than just buying the right product. It is the action of successfully flushing out your wound to help to heal.


Different Types of Cleaning Products

Each piercing aftercare product contains different effects and cleaning methods. Depending on how quickly you want to treat your piercing, you should closely evaluate the different product types.

Cleaning sprays are efficient and quick solutions that cause minimal touching. These types of products provide efficiency because they treat hard-to-reach places like the inside of the cheeks and mouth.

If you are looking to destroy dead skin cells during your piercing healing process thoroughly, antibacterial wipes are the way to go. Your piercing will most likely build up a crusty layer of dead skin within the first few days. Antibacterial and sterile wipes do an excellent job of cleaning this residue away. If there are any lingering bacteria around the wound, wipes will block any chance of further infection.


Top 5 Products on the Market

There are many effective solutions on the market. You need to define the type of cleaning that best fits your skin. When we compiled this list of piercing cleaning products, we gathered data from the top reviews, factored in the strength of ingredients and cleaning methods.

H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

The H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray does an excellent job of cleansing all piercings and body locations. This product successfully removes lymph secretions and dried discharge when used every 3 hours. The key ingredients lysozyme and sea salt prepare an excellent solution that minimizes healing time. This combination also addresses harmful issues that come up after a new piercing.

H2Ocean’s sterile properties and 82 minerals help you treat your piercing in the critical weeks afterward. Not only is the product natural to your body, but it enables you to spray the tough-to-reach spots.

After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray

After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray is a non-iodized saline solution that cleanses body modifications and pierces gently. This subtle solution does its job without harming the healthy tissue near the wound. The After Inked product is unique because of its moisturizing properties. Not only does it nourish the skin, but it also improves moisture retention.

This pressurized flow plays a critical role in removing debris and dirt, which creates a smooth rinse. The functional bottle also comes with a 360-degree mist sprayer that enables use at every angle.

Winner Saline Cotton Wipes

Winner’s unscented saline cotton wipes help provide a gentle touch for recovering piercing areas on the body. The 100% cotton fabric is also made of 0.9% isotonic saline, which is equivalent to the natural levels in the body. Because of this ideal saline level, you receive an optimal amount of cleansing without further damage to the skin.

The wipes do not contain any alcohol, which minimizes the chance of irritation after use. Instead of dehydrating your skin, the Winner Saline Cotton Wipes will help restore your skin to its healthy state. The material is durable and soft enough to clean up any discharge from the source.


Tattoo Goo Cleansing Solution

The Tattoo Goo Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Solution is the ultimate deep cleaning option for piercing wounds. It is a sterile, all-natural solution that helps thoroughly clean new piercings, speed up the healing process, and reduce the chances of scars and lumps.

This solution delivers the ideal amount of saline for an optimal cleaning process. But it also provides pharmaceutical-grade amounts of sodium chloride to promote a smooth recovery. Instead of the sea salt containing untested metals and minerals, Tattoo Goo uses ingredients from the medical industry. And because there is no aerosol in the solution, the product is environmentally friendly.


Urban ReLeaf Piercing Bump Shrinking Drops

Urban ReLeaf delivers a bump-shrinking solution for all types of aftercare piercings. This product is gentle but effective, and it contains essential oils to restore life to the skin. The bottle is also easy to use because of the liquid dropper application. Because of ingredients like jojoba, rosehip, grapeseed oils, rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil, you experience therapeutic benefits in the process.

If you apply the drops 2-3 times per day, you will see efficient results for nodules, scars, cartilage, ear spots, and nose. Not only is this product made in the United States, but it is also vegan. You receive the full package when investing in Urban ReLeaf’s bump shrinking drops.



A new piercing can be a special moment. But you do not want the pain to take away from a beautiful piercing. Now you know the ideal cleaning process to help minimize pain and facilitate the healing process. You also understand which products are right for your specific situation.

No matter what type of piercing you received, we are sure that you will pick out one of these products to help you recover quickly!